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About Write Online

How Our Story Began

Write Online started out as an editorial business in 2005.

But it wasn't long before we shifted our focus towards writing content – to meet the increasing demand for quality website content.

Much of our work was for local companies in the Staffordshire area, providing website copy, blog posts and custom news articles.

A Major Breakthrough

In 2009 we were approached by a national retail chain to write content for a network of franchise websites.

This work formed part of the company's SEO campaign to improve the visibility of its individual retailers in local online searches.

It was then we started to develop a stronger understanding of what differentiated commercially successful websites from the countless number of also-rans.

And it was clear much of the difference was down to the layout and wording of the content.

So we decided to master the techniques of a specialist website copywriter.

We researched and analysed a range of prolific websites. We followed leading authorities in SEO, social media, blog writing and website copywriting. We uncovered many of the secrets to attracting website visitors and converting them into paying customers.

But, above all, we put those techniques into practice.

As a result, many of our customers came back to us time and again, helping us to build long-standing and prosperous business relationships.

Write Online Today

Through our experience of working with clients, it became clear many of them wanted a copywriter with experience of writing for their industry.

This not only helped them get better results from their content, but was also a huge time-saver.

They no longer needed to go through lengthy briefing processes they experienced with generalist copywriters. They no longer required endless rounds of revisions and edits.

Instead clients could rely on a writer who had an instinct for what they wanted and could offer insights and ideas that added value to their content marketing campaigns.

And so Write Online has evolved into what it is today. It has now become a specialist website copywriting service that focuses on the IT industry, providing content for clients in sectors such as cloud computing, big data, and cybersecurity.

Website Copywriter

About the Owner

When you work with Write Online, most of your dealings will be with the owner Kevin Carlton.

Before becoming a website copywriter, Kevin enjoyed successful careers in engineering, information technology and editorial services.

We believe this background knowledge and experience can add value to virtually any IT copywriting assignment and is something few other copywriters can offer.

Personal Profile at a Glance

Professional Experience

  • More than ten years as a website copywriter
  • Three years as a content writer for the cloud computing industry
  • Six years as a freelance proofreader and copy-editor
  • Eight years as an analyst/programmer for local government
  • Two years as a development engineer in the automotive industry


  • Contributed content that helped a client win three industry awards
  • Jointly authored the most comprehensive online guide to eCommerce
  • Invented a worldwide-patented design of motor vehicle headlamp

Educational Background

  • Graduated in Mathematics and Physics at University of East Anglia